The first structured students exchange programme in East Africa.

Starting November 2020 to December 2021, Tembeqa will enrol seven cohorts of students from two countries; Kenya and Tanzania, and from 2022, Tembeqa will open the enrolment to students from Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

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Who We Are

TembeQa is social enterprise that supports young people to undertake short term non-credit student exchange programmes with a goal of empowering them to discover their true potential, if living or working away from their home country could be an ideal choice for them once they graduate.

Students who enrol to the programme will have the opportunity to travel and experience a country of their choice in the East African region comprising Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

What We Do

TembeQa empowers university and college students who desire to join a well-structured regional student exchange programme to build their intercultural skills, strengthen their career growth prospects or kick start their regional entrepreneurship activities.

The programme offers a clear path for students to experience and gain strong intercultural skills through visits to the greater East Africa region. These visits will shape to a large extent their education choices, skills application and career journey.

Our Mission

To empower students to take advantage of regional career and entrepreneurship opportunities that have been brought about by the East African Community Integration Process.

Our Values

  • Self Determination
  • Social Justice

  • Responsible Citizenship
  • Acceptance of Diversity

Our Programmes

TembeQa prepares students for the competitive regional or international job market and creates connections students need as they consider to either enter the world of entrepreneurship or employment.

The programme fills the market gap between new graduates and what companies that operate across the East African region want in terms of soft skill sets. More and more business leaders have identified real business value in employing new staff with strong intercultural skills that they have learnt from living, visiting, schooling or taking internships in different countries.

The skills the students learn are vital, not just in smoothing international business transactions, but also play a key role within the workplace, enhancing team working, fostering creativity, improving communication and reducing conflict.

As businesses in East Africa expands into new markets, they are dealing with an increasingly diverse range of countries, customs and people.

Their employees need to be aware of things like body language, etiquette, forms of address and attitudes to personal space, as well as have an idea about general attitudes towards money, business relationships and timekeeping in the countries their dealing with.

TembeQa supports the preparation of students to work in these companies who have set their sight on regional expansion and enables young people to take advantage of entrepreneurial opportunities in the region.

Our Goal is to provide the network for students to build stronger intercultural skills and regional connection that are important in a student’s career or entrepreneurship journey.



Everyone desires to meet, to chat and to glean valuable insights from their role model. What did they do differently to get to the top? How do they approach their business and career? What are their habits? Now imagine a programme that makes it possible for you to meet and interact with the region’s best talent..

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It’s now possible to attend lectures, to hand in assignments and to hold academic group discussions on the web.Learning has never been easier, more convenient and fun, thanks to technology. Jionee is a virtual exchange programme that.

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Cohort 1
Cohort 1


East Africa has a lot to offer to both locals and tourists. From stunning geography, historical sites, culture, cuisines and entertainment, we’re as diverse as we are hospitable. Imagine touring Kenya’s rural folk in Samburu County to learn about their culture around a bonfire? Or listening to tales of the Swahili.

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Our Leadership

Duncan Karari

Duncan KarariExecutive Director

Kevin Mushi

Kevin MushiExecutive Director

Dorcas Ngure

Dorcas NgureExecutive Director

Wayne Kabugui

Wayne KabuguiExecutive Director

Director Learning

Director LearningExecutive Director

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