Whether you’re starting out, just finished college or university, TembeQa membership will help support and inspire you at every stage of your career or entrepreneurship journey. With students in mind, our membership was created to help you develop your regional career and entrepreneurship capabilities, expand your mentorship communities and keep you up-to-date and informed.

Affiliate Membership



For any student who wants to enroll to TembeQa

  • Free live access to Tuongee webinars
  • Access to select recorded webinars
  • Access to select career and professional tools and templates
  • Key Benefit: Invitation to Join Jivinjari Programme across East Africa

Premium Membership

per month + VAT

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For students who want to access career and entrepreneurship industry knowledge.

  • All benefits on free membership
  • Access to all live Tuongee webinars
  • AAccess to recorded webinars: Watch at your convenience – on demand
  • Access to all career and professional tools and templates
  • Key Benefit: Preferential access to attend regional “Jivinjari” Programme across East Africa

Professional Membership

per month + VAT


For committed students who have demonstrated commitment to professional growth.

  • All benefits on free membership
  • Key Benefit: Individual coaching sessions with leading Human Resources managers and Recruiters across East Africa

• How to Join?

This is an exclusive membership stage: It is granted through an application process where a committee of industry experts review your request to join this membership.

• Qualification:

The member must have participate in over 80% of Tuongee programme for a period of 12 months, demonstrating a commitment for career and professional growth. It is a testament of personal discipline and readiness to join the professional regional league.

• Enrollment:

By application.