Everyone desires to meet, to chat and to glean valuable insights from their role model. What did they do differently to get to the top? How do they approach their business and career? What are their habits?

Now imagine a programme that makes it possible for you to meet and interact with the region’s best talent in business, politics, technology and your areas of interest?

Tuongee (Let’s talk) connects Tembeqa participants with more than 100 business leaders across the region through webinars every week.

This programme makes it possible for participants from even the region’s remotest locations to learn from leading figures driving change in the region.

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Tuongee is an equaliser that breaks geographical barriers, allowing students to gain insights from leaders they would otherwise never meet.

For up to two hours, students engage these leading figures to lay the groundwork for their careers through sharing of knowledge and experience, mentorship and networking.

As a participant, you’ll be placed in webinars that are in sync with your area of study in a way that provides a familiar knowledge space to learn from the leaders, ask questions, share challenges and best practices.

Programme Activities

  • Participate in weekly webinars with leaders
  • Acquire lessons on industry best practices
  • Network with industry leaders and learn from the best
  • Meet and interact freely with experts in law, technology, logistics, finance, marketing, community development and others

  • Ask the questions you’ve always desired to ask
  • Meet other students to share lessons, challenges
  • Students from the EAC region join live sessions
  • Ask the questions you’ve always desired to ask

Over 100 Business Leaders from across the Region Every Year!

Register today for free to network with industry leaders and learn from the best.

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